Freestyle WaveRunner Series

Freestyle WaveRunner Series

Freestyle WaveRunner Series

Explore new adventures from $17,799*


1049 CC Engine - 4 stroke
Race Performance Hull
Hydro Flow Jet Pump
Stainless Impeller
Spring Assisted Steering Pole
Hydro Turf Matts
Open Looped Cooling System
3 year warranty - recreational use only (not competition/racing)
NZ$ 17,799.00


Free Style Models - Save up to $1,500 off        

Super Jet - this pole ski is super fun and is likened to a motorbike on water       

Yamaha continues to advance the stand-up Superjet with 4 stroke technology! The new SuperJet® hull is designed for greater static and dynamic stability while maintaining the SuperJet’s® thrilling turning abilities. that can be set at either 16-degrees to 19-degrees.   Freestyle riding, closed-course riding or free riding, there is no other stand-up watercraft that can match the reputation of the Yamaha SuperJet. And lighter means faster combined with precision handling and performance, Superjet leaves the competition behind.

   Jet Blaster - lightweight, maneuverable and quick

This craft combines the freedom of Yamaha’s legendary SuperJet stand-up with the versatility of a sit-down personal watercraft.   

The key to Jet Blaster's unique performance and innovative design is the custom-tuned electric trim, giving the rider the ability to pop out of the water, do spins and other exciting maneuvers.  Built-in footwell chocks located towards the rear of the craft, allow the rider to adjust their riding position when freestyle riding.  The wide mounted, high action handlebars, provide increased leverage over the craft, allowing the rider to quickly change direction and execute extreme moves with ease.

In addition to these unique features, the JetBlaster comes with an extremely light-weight and compact hull - combined with Yamaha’s award-winning TR-1 High Output purpose-built marine engine - delivering an extremely powerful and agile on-water performance. 

Hitting the water has never been this much fun!

Technical Specifications

CC Rating 1049 cc
RiDE - Brake /Reverse FunctionNo
Colour White 
Cylinders4 stroke - 4 cylinders
Fuel Tank Capacity18.9 litres
Storage Capacity-
Weight (excluding trailer)170 kg
Length3.350 m
Width0.762 m
RRP From
Trailer's from $3,100
On-roads, mags & wind-up
jockey wheels extra