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  • Posted: Thursday 9 May 2024
  • Posted: Tuesday 23 April 2024
  • Need a Portable? Save Now!
    Posted: Monday 1 April 2024
  • Fishing getting tough?
    Try a sea anchor.. it will slow you down to assist you getting the big one... drop in store or watch here for some tips
    Posted: Wednesday 21 February 2024
  • Caring for your Watersports Toys
    Help care for your tube and elongate its life by:
    1. Check valves are closed tightly.
    2. Using the correct weight loading.
    3. Carrying your tube - do not drag on the ground.
    4. Storing - lay flat or roll the tube – don’t fold tubes
    5. Release the air on occasion – heat during the day increases pressure in the inner tube.
    6. Avoid overinflation.
    7. Use the correct inflator for the tube (stick with the same brand

    Sand is abrasive - sand can rub between the tube and the cover, creating wear and holes. Dragging tubes can puncture the inner tube or a slow leak in the bladder.
    Punctures can easily repaired with Aquaseal (for small holes / tears less than 8 cms in length). Please follow instructions allowing at least 24 hours to dry.
    Any questions please give us a call - 07 386 8474
    Posted: Saturday 27 January 2024
  • Save on Fully Fitted Deals Now
    Check out Yamaha and Turangi Marine's Fully Fitted Deals
    For the F40 +F60 + F90 + F115 + F150 range from February - April 2024
    Posted: Friday 26 January 2024
  • Build Confidence Quickly
    The Obrien Simple Trainer is the perfect inflatable to create water confidence for the littlies this summer - grab one instore today.
    #turangimarine #obriennewzealand #summervibes #creatingsafeboatingadventures
    Posted: Friday 12 January 2024
  • Happy New Year !!!
    Bring on 2024! What a year 2023 has been!! Enjoy & be safe!
    See you on Wednesday 3rd January - we will be open limited hours from 9am - 3pm
    Posted: Sunday 31 December 2023
  • Merry Christmas - Hari Kirihimete
    A great big Xmas hug from the Team at Turangi Marine to you all - enjoy!
    Posted: Monday 25 December 2023
  • Golden Clam Boating Restrictions
    It's really important we know and follow the new Check Clean Dry rules for boating to prevent the spread of Golden Clams. . Find out more at the MPI link below:
    Posted: Tuesday 12 December 2023
  • Black Friday Sale - Save up to 25% off Watersports Gear
    Until November 30th
    Posted: Friday 24 November 2023
  • Fishing No Go? Try a Scotty Electric Downrigger
    Winter is a great time to install a downrigger - Check out our range in store now
    Posted: Tuesday 31 October 2023
  • Heard of Minn Kota?
    Wanting efficiency / fun / increased catch rate? Look no further - give us a call and ask about our
    Posted: Tuesday 17 October 2023
  • Prevent Carbon Build Up
    Prevent carbon buildup in an outboard motor, by following these tips :
    Posted: Thursday 28 September 2023
    Save big with Yamaha and Turangi Marine's Fully Fitted deal - up to $3,000 off! Offer ends 30th Sept 23 - Call us now!
    Posted: Tuesday 12 September 2023

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